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Notice Regarding 2021 Email Hack

What happened?

On November 18, 2021, a hacker(s) gained unauthorized access to the email accounts,, and  The hacker(s) either cracked the password(s) for one or more of the email accounts, or gained access due to one of the users of the email accounts clicking on a link in a received email that appeared to be legitimate but was not.

These email accounts may have potentially included full legal names, Canadian social insurance numbers, American social security numbers, dates of birth, whether someone is living or deceased, phone numbers, mailing addresses, physical addresses, email addresses, driver’s licence information, passport information, banking information, debit and credit card information, signatures, usernames, passwords, and medical information (“Personal Information”).

How did Arnold & Arnold respond?

Arnold & Arnold immediately reported the incident to the appropriate authorities and had our email host determine whether any information in the email accounts had been compromised.  There is no evidence that any Personal Information was compromised or misused in any manner.  Arnold & Arnold also had our email host implement additional security measures to ensure the confidentiality of those we email.

Arnold & Arnold’s insurer had a data-analysis firm scan the three email accounts for emails that contained any Personal Information.  The data-analysis firm then sent notifications by regular mail to the potentially impacted individuals for whom mailing addresses were in the emails.  The data-analysis firm would not email the potentially impacted individuals.  Unfortunately, mailing addresses could not be found for all of the approximately 1,506 potentially impacted individuals and some mailing addresses were later found to be invalid after the mail was returned to sender.

The phone calls Arnold & Arnold received from potentially impacted individuals who received the notification revealed that most had never emailed our three email accounts and their Personal Information was in one or more of our three email accounts due to their names being similar to our clients’ names for whom we had searched the publicly available information in the Personal Property Registry of Alberta.  For many real-estate and other transactions, our registry agent emails search results in reports that contain all names that are identical or similar to our clients.  The search reports also contain some Personal Information for all of the names that are identical or similar to our clients.

Arnold & Arnold is posting this notice for two (2) weeks so that the potentially impacted individuals who could not be directly notified by regular mail are indirectly notified. 

What should I do?

If you emailed Personal Information to,, or before November 30, 2021, please review and monitor your Personal Information and accounts closely for any suspicious activity and notify your financial institution immediately if you notice any unauthorized spending or withdrawals. 


If you have questions, please call Pamela Linley, Receptionist and Corporate Legal Assistant, at

403-652-2242 Ext. 101.